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Live-Online Emerging Strategic Leaders Programme

Live-Online Emerging Strategic Leaders

As we adapt to this period of unprecedented change this programme will provide leaders with the clarity and confidence to thrive and evolve in how they lead.

The Programme

This two-part programme offers an immersive online experience, where a safe space is created to share the challenges facing operational leaders looking to, or starting, their strategic journey. Leaders at similar levels but from very different sectors share thoughts, concerns, and real-life experiences with their peers. By having only one representative from an organisation at any one time, we guarantee a confidential environment that really opens up frank and honest conversations about the challenges of leadership at this level.

About Live-Online

The programme is delivered ‘live’ via Zoom so participants can interact with each other, the chair, facilitators and speakers as they would in-person. More details about what you can expect from our Live-Online Programmes can be found here.

Themes discussed might include:

  • individual leadership challenges and ways to resolve them
  • qualities of good leadership including courage, trust and resilience, as well as integrity, humility and ethics
  • looking after yourself as a leader, including mental health, wellbeing and work-life balance
  • the current and future demands of leadership, as we balance uncertainty with the new normal
  • how to develop the wisdom and insight to make good decisions at difficult times
  • different operational cultures across society and how to think differently in your own organisation or sector.


The programme is chaired by a senior leader who will guide the group through plenary discussions and host guest speaker sessions. The guest speaker sessions include very honest reflections and insights from speakers who are senior leaders in a range of diverse sectors.

Smaller breakout ‘syndicate’ groups are led by our experienced facilitators and allow participants to discuss individual leadership challenges at a personal level, as well as review topics and themes. An intimacy and bond is created within these smaller groups enabling discussions to go that bit deeper.

The variation of online interaction styles keeps energy high, and our regular screen breaks encourage downtime and reflection.

Who is it suitable for? 

Leaders wishing to explore the responsibilities and characteristics required of senior leadership, as well as understand their own inhibitions and need for development. 

One unique aspect is that we attract leaders from all sectors including public, corporate, education, faith, military, health and not-for-profit. This exposure to different leadership experiences and perspectives enhances the learning and stimulates diverse thinking.

Benefits of attending

Our emerging strategic leaders leave the programme with a better understanding of themselves and how they want to tackle their leadership going forwards. We help leaders to re-energise, find their purpose and consider new direction within their current role.

Our Alumni of over 4000 senior leaders benefit from access to Windsor Leadership’s online portal connecting them with leaders across all sectors. We also hold regular face-to-face and online events connecting our alumni.

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Part One: Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 January 2025
Location: Zoom, Online

Part Two: Thursday 15 - Friday 16 May 2025
Location: Zoom, Online

Price: £2,475

Bursaries: We have a number of bursaries available to support applicants from not-for-profit sectors. Please contact us for more information.

Enquiries: Please call us on 01753 830202 or email Marion Joys, Client Relationship Manager for further information.

Participant Numbers: Numbers will be limited to 15 to ensure an interactive experience.

Additional Programme Dates: There is also an option to begin a residential version of this programme in April, June, September and November 2024.