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Bespoke Leadership Programmes

Bespoke Solutions

When you collaborate with Windsor Leadership you benefit from our unique combination of leadership knowledge, facilitation of self-discovery and recognised template of leadership development.

Bespoke programmes are designed to embrace plenary discussions and presentations from senior leaders, who will openly share their own challenges and successes as a leader. A key component is our smaller syndicate groups, which provide opportunities to debate, discuss and reflect in a safe and confidential space.

Collaboration is vital throughout the design and delivery phase; we will work with you to ensure that presentations and themes covered in the programme support your overall objectives, as well as address your organisation’s strategic aims. Bespoke programmes can be held at two of our exceptional venues, St. George’s House, Windsor Castle or Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park.

Each bespoke programme is unique due to our process of client consultation, collaboration and continuous feedback, which creates an impactful leadership development programme. 

A dedicated programme team

Our bespoke programmes are delivered by a highly specialist team who have strong credentials in business and leadership development. Clients benefit from working closely with the team; from design through to delivery and evaluation, to realise a bespoke solution that addresses a strategic need to strengthen individual leadership talent.

How you can work with Windsor Leadership

Windsor Leadership works with up to four organisations in any given year to create bespoke programmes, where there is an impact on the greater good. If you are interested in having an informal discussion about collaborating on a bespoke programme, please contact Jonathan Story on 01753 839739.