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Live-Online Programmes Overview

Live-Online Programmes Overview

Our Live-Online programmes offer a unique immersive experience, where participants can delve into the complexities of leading in an ever-changing landscape.

Introducing Live-Online

Taking inspiration from our residential programmes, Live-Online is delivered ‘live’ via Zoom, so participants can interact with each other, as well as the Chair, facilitators and speakers as they would in-person.

Each programme comprises of a Part One, followed four months later by a Part Two, designed to review and reflect on continued learnings. Prior to the start of the programme, each participant has a one-to-one session with their personal facilitator to explore objectives, understand the pedagogy and ask any questions. This helps to build trust and understanding. There is also a mid-way touchpoint between the two parts, at which each participant is able to check in with their facilitator, to review progress, discuss blockers and prepare for the Part Two.

The programme days incorporate ‘reflect and refresh sessions’ throughout which allows for numerous screen and refreshment breaks, and provides an opportunity to review input and prepare for sessions. 

Unlike the stop-start modules of many online programmes, our programme days are back to back, creating a fully immersive experience unparalleled elsewhere. This generates a deeper degree of trust which encourages openness and honesty, and allows participants to push themselves out of their comfort zones, challenging themselves and others to think differently.

Selection and participation 

We are meticulous in our selection process to guarantee full cross-sector diversity and ensure your peers are at the same point in their leadership development. Learning is primarily focused around conversations with those cross-sector attendees, as well as the programme Chair, facilitators and guest speakers.

We offer space for you to reflect, debate, discuss, and transform your thinking and leadership behaviours on a personal and professional level. Only one participant attends from an organisation at any one time, and we guarantee a safe and confidential environment as all programmes operate in full confidentiality under the Chatham House Rule.

Each programme has regular breakout sessions in which you can discuss your personal leadership challenges in a small group environment. Plenary sessions allow you to hear from senior leaders, review shared insights and discuss themed topics. Time is set aside for reflection, encouraging you to appraise your leadership journey and think strategically about your future. You will also be allocated individual one-on-one time with the programme Chair, a senior leader in their own right, who will share personal reflections on your leadership challenges and insights.  

 What you can expect from each Live-Online programme

  • An immersive experience designed to challenge your thinking
  • A diverse cross-section of leaders who will offer different perspectives and alternative solutions
  • Peer-to-peer learning from leaders at your own level with whom to discuss challenges
  • Reflection time and space, specifically designed to enable you to reflect on your own leadership
  • One-to-one sessions with your syndicate facilitator and programme Chair
  • A greater understanding of different operational and strategic cultures and how to think differently within your own organisation
  • Renewed confidence and energy in your current leadership role
  • The chance to develop a unique network of leaders with whom to continue your leadership development
  • Access to our Alumni Network of over 4,000 senior leaders providing ongoing opportunities for continued networking and professional development


Part One: Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 January 2025
Location: Zoom, Online

Part Two: Thursday 15 - Friday 16 May 2025
Location: Zoom, Online

Price: £2,475

Bursaries: We have a number of bursaries available to support applicants from not-for-profit sectors. Please contact us for more information.

Enquiries: Please call us on 01753 830202 or email Marion Joys, Client Relationship Manager for further information.

Participant Numbers: Numbers will be limited to 15 to ensure an interactive experience.

Additional Programme Dates: There is also an option to begin a residential version of this programme in September and November 2024, as well as in February, April, June, September and November 2025.