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Women in Leadership Programme

Women in Leadership

This programme focuses on the specific challenges and issues faced by senior women, as they progress through their career.

During the programme, which is held once a year, participants hear from inspirational female leaders who share their own leadership journeys.

Debate, discuss and reflect

  • The unique skills and benefits that senior women bring to an organisation
  • Preparing to progress within a male dominated organisation and the cultural differences that directly affect women
  • Exploring the barriers and enablers that women face when seeking senior leadership roles
  • The leadership challenges that come with leading out of your comfort zone, and the complexity of decision-making
  • Ways to increase self-confidence and resilience
  • Handling the concerns involved with going for promotion
  • Ways for organisations to nurture their women leaders and unlock their full potential.

Meet leaders from all walks of life

You'll develop your leadership alongside other senior leaders, from diverse backgrounds. We are meticulous in our selection process to guarantee full cross-sector diversity and ensure your peers are at the same point in their leadership development. 

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Part One: Wednesday 05 - Friday 07 March 2025
Location: St George's House, Windsor Castle

Part Two: Monday 22 - Tuesday 23 September 2025
Location: Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park

Price: £4,720 (including all meals and accommodation)

Bursaries: We have a number of bursaries available to support applicants from not-for-profit sectors. Please contact us for more information.

Enquiries: Please call us on 01753 830202 or email Marion Joys, Client Relationship Manager, for further information.

Louise Donaghey.

Windsor gave me a different mindset


Coming to Windsor gave me permission to drop the façade. It created the psychological safety needed for me to explore who I really was. The environment quite literally calmed and slowed me down, providing precious space to think and reflect.