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Open leadership programmes

Windsor Castle.

Residential & Live-Online Programmes

Our residential and Live-Online programmes provide senior leaders with the tools to evaluate how they lead now and how they should lead in the future to navigate an ever-changing environment and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Future Leaders

Our Future Leaders programme is for senior managers who have been identified as talented individuals in their field and future leaders of their organisations. This programme will enable senior managers to build their own leadership style by exploring what kind of leader they would like to be and the impact that they can have on society.

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Emerging Strategic Leaders

The Emerging Strategic Leaders Programme is a residential programme for senior operational leaders who already have significant leadership experience and are taking on more strategic responsibility. You will focus on developing your own leadership style as well as gaining insights into how to handle difficult leadership challenges.

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Developing Leaders

This residential programme assists those in senior leadership positions looking to develop their strategic thinking. You will focus on the wider demands of what strategic leadership means and how to facilitate and implement change in a complex environment.

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Experienced Leaders

This residential programme enables senior executives to become more effective, by exploring with others at a similar level, the responsibilities and challenges of strategic leadership. You will focus on difficult leadership challenges that come with ultimate responsibility, managing resilience and isolation, and handling complex relationships, such as the chair and board.

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Women in Leadership

This residential programme will explore the specific challenges and issues faced by senior women as they progress through their career. You will focus on ways to increase self confidence and resilience and explore the barriers and enablers that women face when seeking senior leadership roles.