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What We Do

Who we are

Windsor Leadership specialises in providing experience-led development programmes for senior leaders at Windsor Castle.

For over 25 years we have delivered programmes that challenge leaders to explore and discover their personal leadership styles and think about the key elements of leadership at the heart of business and society.

The foundations for Windsor Leadership were laid in 1981 when The Duke of Edinburgh, Professor Charles Handy and the Reverend Michael Mann set up the ‘Windsor Meetings’ aiming to tackle the big issues in society. Subsequently, in 1995 Windsor Leadership was created to focus on developing the top levels of leadership, using the teachings and ideologies of Professors John Adair and Charles Handy, both regarded as pioneers of modern day leadership theory.

What we do

We provide Residential and Live-Online leadership programmes ranging from two to five days, followed by a two-day Part Two, up to six months later.

The programmes focus on facilitated learning in a peer-to-peer environment. We do not teach leadership. Instead, we challenge leaders to think differently, explore their own leadership style and consider the wider impact of their leadership.

We work with participants from all sectors, including corporate, public, military, education, faith and not-for-profit. This cross-sector exposure to different styles of leadership on each programme, combined with the quality and level of leaders attending, is what makes Windsor Leadership unique.

Supporting your future development

The social context in leadership is constantly changing and leaders continually require new knowledge and practical solutions to help them navigate ever fluctuating environments, which is why we are dedicated to providing support to our alumni post programme.

All alumni are invited to activate their complimentary membership of the Alumni Portal, which provides access to our extensive directory, additional post-programme resources and further development opportunities including Mentoring, Workshops, Webinars, Coaching and Working Groups.  

Investing in our third-sector leaders

As a charity, our ethos is to support leaders from all sectors of society, as they move from good to outstanding leadership. To ensure that talented leaders from charities, faith groups and not-for-profits can afford to participate in our programmes, we need to raise over £150,000 each year to support our Bursary Scheme.