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Live Online Developing Strategic Leaders

In challenging times exceptional leaders need to demonstrate courage and resilience. This programme supports senior leaders as they navigate this ever-changing landscape.

The programme  

‘Live-Online Developing Strategic Leaders’ takes inspiration from our residential Developing Leaders Programme. It offers a unique online experience which prepares you to deal with the uncertainty, fear and isolation that accompanies complex challenges. 

Held over three days, with a part two four or five months later, the programme offers a safe space in which individuals, tasked with shaping the future of their organisation, can unpack who they are as a leader.

Participants create the agenda by discussing and exploring their current leadership challenges, in confidence, with fellow attendees. Themes discussed might include:

  • leading remotely                      
  • facilitating and implementing change                            
  • facing the new normal                         
  • strategic vs operational leadership
  • preparing for your next senior role              
  • tackling imposter syndrome                      
  • resilience and wellbeing 

The programme is chaired by a senior leader who will lead the group through plenary discussions and host guest speaker sessions, which include very honest reflections and insights from senior leaders, in a range of diverse sectors. Our experienced facilitators lead smaller breakout ‘syndicate’ groups to allow participants to discuss individual leadership challenges at a personal level, as well as review topics and themes in the safety of their syndicates.

About Live-Online

The programme is delivered ‘live’ via Zoom so participants can interact with each other, the Chair, facilitators and speakers as they would in-person. More details about what you can expect from our Live-Online Programmes can be found here.

Who is it suitable for?  

This programme is ideal for established senior leaders looking to develop their strategic capability.  With a focus on facilitated learning in a peer-to-peer environment, we welcome participants from across all the sectors, including public, corporate, education, faith, military and not-for-profit. This exposure to different leadership experiences and perspectives enhances the quality of debate and stimulates more diverse thinking.  

Benefits of attending

With an average satisfaction rate of 95% from participants, alumni regularly credit Windsor Leadership for having a dramatic impact on their leadership capabilities and, in turn, their ability to lead their organisations with more clarity, drive and effectiveness. 

Participants also leave with a better understanding of themselves as a person and a leader and gain confidence, courage and knowledge, as well as a renewed understanding of the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing, for themselves and the teams they lead. 

On-going support 

After completing a Windsor Leadership programme, our alumni have access to further development, coaching, mentors and one of the country’s most valuable networks of senior leaders in private, public, military and charitable organisations.  

On-going development opportunities offered include webinars, interactive workshops, theme specific programmes and membership of Working Groups.

Explore our other programmes 

We also offer a Live-Online Programme for Emerging Strategic Leaders and residential programmes for Emerging StrategicDeveloping, and Experienced Leaders as well as Women in Leadership and Bespoke opportunities.


The Ven John Kiddle | Archdeacon of Wandsworth

The course was a brilliant opportunity to stop and think, to learn from others, and to be redirected to leadership that is courageous, authentic and outward looking.

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