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Eddie Coombes, Chief Executive, Optima Care

Eddie Coombes

Chief Executive, Optima Care

Eddie was born in Sri Lanka and moved to England with his family in 1976. Originally qualifying as an engineer he subsequently gained a BSc in Computing.

Previously, Eddie’s career has seen him working in both SME and corporate organisations such as IBM, HP, Cable & Wireless and BT, in sales and commercial development of technology solutions.

Eddie left the technology sector to join Optima Care, a specialist health and social care provider owned by his family in 2009. As CEO of the organisation, Eddie has overseen a number of key milestones over the past five years, including introducing a corporate finance structure to the business, a sector recognised financing deal with Santander, and subsequent acquisition of another business which brought about the doubling in size of the organisation. More recently completing a complex restructure of the corporate entity / shareholders and reforming of a new board.

Sharing with other accomplished leaders

Eddie believes that the structure of the Windsor Leadership programmes provide essential opportunities for personal and professional development. “Windsor Leadership provides me with an opportunity to share my leadership experiences with a very diverse cross-section of peers. It ensures that I take time out to reflect on my experiences and learning so far. It also presents the invaluable opportunity to share insights and debate challenges with people from many different operational cultures. I feel privileged to have met a group of people who have become friends and will continue to share and support each other.”

Taking leadership to the next level

"I believe I have broadened my leadership skills. A combination of my personal experience and shared knowledge via Windsor Leadership has enabled me to self regulate myself and make more informed decisions at a strategic level. This was evidenced recently when I oversaw and managed a complex restructure of the company. This was designed to allow for future innovation and growth opportunities, with a view to maintaining the viability and future of the organisation."

Eddie Coombes

A new confidence

Eddie Coombes I Chief Executive I Optima Care

I have gained a more grounded position in complex situations, which has enabled me to be more assertive in the way I communicate decisions. I feel a strong sense of confidence, specifically in that I am an individual with my own decision values.

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